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Summer Work

I always find that the summer morning classes are so refreshing! Even though some of us are not “morning people” it seems the body really likes to get going early. No one finds that they have tired muscles yet. One may have to wake up the brain a bit…but that seems to happen rather quickly. […]

Speaking Of Art – WAAM Talk 1600 in Ann Arbor

  Mary Geiger Owner and Director of Geiger Ballet, had a one on one interview with Ed Hoffman of WAAM 1600 talk about the art of ballet  take a listen to the interview   [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Congratulations to Graduating GCBA Dancers

Carly Hammond and Shayna Simon will both be graduating this June and  heading off to college in the fall. Carly will continue her dance studies at  Indiana University where she has received a scholarship from Jacobs School of Music. Shayna will be attending the University of Michigan where she will pursue a degree in engineering.

Summer Studies for GCBA Dancers

This summer Geiger Ballet students will be attending various dance programs throughout the United States. Clarence Pedroche will be attending the summer intensive at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC. Elizabeth Ratze will be attending the Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida; and Amy Stevens will be participating in Boston Ballet’s summer program.

Why Ballet?

    Becoming a dancer, a lifetime quest, involves more than talent, desire and discipline. These are the stones for the building of a house. They remain only that unless there is a structure, and that cannot be accomplished without design.   You want to take your child to ballet class. Where do you go? Because dancers […]

What do boys and men wear to ballet class?

    The dress code for boys at Geiger includes the following: “Black tights or running pants with a white, tucked in T-shirt and a dance belt. White ballet shoes with white socks.” There is no dress code for men in the Open Level classes. However, we ask that you wear traditional dance attire. Generally in ballet, men […]

What is the advantage of (wood) sprung Marley floors?

  According to Perry Silvey, the production stage manager of the New York City Ballet, this flooring is injury free and predictable. Rather than slipping, the Marley enables the dancers to concentrate solely on performing well. Concrete floors can create many physical problems for they allow no “give”. A properly sprung floor absorbs energy, preventing overuse injuries. The added […]

Where can I buy the school uniform?

As a convenience to our dancers, we now sell the dancewear that comprises our school uniform. If however, you would prefer to purchase elsewhere, please contact our office for recommendations of store(s) and what our uniform consists of.

Ballet Vocabulary

    Key to phonetic pronunciation (all sounds in English): zh = s as in measure, leisure. oo = oo as in shoot, zoo. ew = u as in cupid. ahn = on as in concert. eh = ai as in pair. ohn = on as in long. oh = o as in role. ohm […]

Who was Agrippina Vaganova

[ah-gree-PEE-nah   vah-GAH-naw-vah]   As a dancer with the imperial Ballet, Vaganova was known as the “queen of variations”, renowned for her jumps and batterie, although her lack of beauty meant that she did not receive the title of “ballerina” until 1915, the year before she retired. She is most remembered as a great teacher of […]

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