Summer Work

I always find that the summer morning classes are so refreshing! Even though some of us are not “morning people” it seems the body really likes to get going early. No one finds that they have tired muscles yet. One may have to wake up the brain a bit…but that seems to happen rather quickly. Suddenly everything is kicking in and responding well.
As the teacher, I feel more relaxed since I don’t have to “work so hard” engaging the mind of the dancer. After school classes are challenging for that reason. It is no surprise, one is exhausted after a full day at school. Therefore, in the morning we seems to absorb so much more info and have the time to experiment with movement and ideas. An hour and a half still goes by quickly….can’t wait for the next 3 weeks with 2 hour morning technique classes! Followed by a point class and repertoire. I look forward to observing the guest teachers as they engage my students. I’ll give you my insight to that in our next chat.
Stay cool!

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