Mary’s Viewpointe

So we just finished our first week with Ana Lobe. This was her 3rd time visiting us and not since 2006. Here is a little background on her….she was dance educated in Cuba in the National Cuban School, Artistic Director, Alicia Alonso. ( Laura Alonso is Alicia’s daughter and has been a faculty guest at GCBA 3 times too) She defected to our country and danced with The Cleveland San Jose Company and later did guesting gigs all over….also with us (MCBC) as Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker.

She has a very nice way of demanding excellence…soft spoken and deliberate. I hope the dancers enjoyed their week with her. I know I did. It is really nice to be able to sit back and observe my students in class with another teacher at the helm. I have the luxury of stepping back from the overall details and concentrate on the students in a complete way.  I am able to see how they take in information. It is interesting to watch a student receive the same correction that I may of given dozens of times….and suddenly “ping” the light goes on for them because this teacher shaded it somehow differently. Whatever works! It is also fun to see how they manage a new outlook or style. Young students are just at the point of realizing there are different styles…that ballet is a subjective art. Truly it is not black or white, even though as a teacher we make it that way in order to not to get confused until their technique is solid.

On a personal level, since Ana stayed at my home…we got to chat and talk “Ballet”…compare notes and help each other out with our individual schools and dilemmas. It is fun to share how one gets across certain steps and technique to our students. Since I can sometimes feel isolated and a bit stuck….this opportunity gives me a chance to see new ways of doing things….new combinations and a fresh outlook too!

It is a win-win for all.

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