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student enrollment at geigerballet

Student Enrollment

Currently, enrollment for 7-10 years is open and we would love to see your child become part of Geiger Ballet.


Level 1 (7yrs & up)

The main goals of first year student at Geiger Ballet is to learn correct body placement, and simple positions of the head and arms. We incorporate the the fundementals of music (rythm & tempo) and connection the student needs needs feels between the music and the feeling for the dance movement. self discpline and good manners and timelyness is modeled and encouraged.

2hrs weekly ( 1 Elective + Level 1 Ballet)

See Electives 


Level 2 ( 8yrs & up)

Building from level 1 we overlay the strength building, turn out requires and the theory of the working leg verses the supporting leg. Flow and grace are furthered explored along with the quality of movement.

3hrs weekly ( 1 Elective + Level 2 Ballet *2hrs)

See Electives



Below is a brief description of each to help you decide what class/classes you would like to enroll in. The more electives you take, the more different ways you will learn to move, and the more money you save! Electives above each level’s minimum requirement are only $85 per installment for an hour class and $55 for a half hour.


Jazz (Ages 7 & up)

This class showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


Pilates/Yoga (Level 1 & above)

These exercise systems focus on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, helping to prevent injury.


Contemporary Dance (Level 2 & above)

This class is the “new and now of dance” – a mixture of ballet, modern and jazz. Children learn fluidity, turns, leaps and jumps not present in Modern but shapes, angles and off center balances that create beautiful pictures and some unique challenges for ballet dancers looking to stretch their repertoire.


Pure Technique (Level 1 & above with permission of Mrs. Geiger)

This class is slow and methodical. Ballet steps are broken down to a very technical level with focus on proper execution.


Stretch (Level 1 & above)

This is a great class to relax and breathe into deep stretches for the entire body.


More Information:

If you are still looking for information, please contact us at 1.248.334.1300 or you can email us. Or you could stop by, we are open throughout the week.


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