Why Ballet?

“If you are looking for a ballet school for your child but don’t know where to begin maybe I can help.”

Hello my name is Mary Geiger, I am the founder of Geiger Ballet, teacher and mentor to many young students in the Detroit Metro Area.

I know this choice is not always easy as there are many options and considerations. Your decision is influenced by your lifestyle, tastes, and as importantly how you want your child to develop.

There are three common concerns that parents have to consider when trying to select a ballet school for their child.  I’d like to send you a FREE report that will assist you in making the best possible choice.

This Special Report explains the two types of ballet schools. It reveals what to look for and what to avoid so you don’t waste your time and money. The title of this report is…



What Every Parent Should Know Before Selecting A Ballet School

In teaching for over 25 years here are the three most important questions parents should ask before choosing a school for their child.

1.        What do you want your child to learn? There are two distinct types of dance schools that emphasize different objectives. Some are based on recreational activities and others teach actual dance and life skills. The report details the differences.

2.        Do you want them to learn “a dance” or “how to dance?” The report describes how some schools are single-focused on teaching one or two dances and how other schools teach fundamentals of ballet technique.

3.        How do you judge if the physical development is safe and appropriate? You’ll discover how some schools promote the child before their body is physically ready and even what to look for in the types of dance floors that will avoid injury to your child.

You’re busy running your family around, working and holding down your obligations. Few parents have the time to do the necessary research. What’s flashy and convenient isn’t always the best choice for your child.

That’s why this report will save you time, energy and help you to answer the most critical questions. Call my office or download the Free Report on the first page of our website.
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Download “What every parent should know”


P.S. We’re getting more and more calls from parents eager to give their child a meaningful activity. This makes sense because today’s children are stuck in front of computers, their schools are cutting back on physical education, and our country is faced with an epidemic of child obesity.

If you choose ballet for your child and you enroll them at a professional ballet school it opens many doors to physical and mental development.








The Geiger Classic Ballet Academy is dedicated to the serious study of the art and appreciation of classical ballet.  It offers exacting and disciplined training at every level of instruction, perhaps leading to the discovery of an uncommon talent, to a rewarding professional career, or to many years of fun and enjoyment with performing arts as an avocation.  This exciting preparatory program also offers the opportunity of career stage development through the Michigan Classic Ballet Company, the Geiger Classic Ballet Academy’s pre-professional affiliate ballet company.


The school demands the best of each student, expecting that each one work to his or her highest potential.  In return the school gives the care and attention each student deserves. The physical well being of the student is of primary concern to the faculty.  Teaching methods are based on the well founded Russian Vaganova syllabus and injury free training.

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