This week is not only Halloween at Geiger Ballet (GB)  but we also are welcoming back our homegrown, talented guest faculty from summer and celebrated contemporary choreographer Jill Eathorne Bahr.


She is in town to choreograph two pieces for a few of our advanced students for Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP).  YAGP has come far since I remember it back when it all began… Larissa Gennadi, its founder, would call me and ask if I had any talented dancers….I did, however I was suspect, because just like ballet there is “good ballet” and “bad ballet”…and competitions were not in my wheelhouse.  Over the years, I have sent a few students upon their request and since then it has grown exponentially.  YAGP has set itself apart, it is considered a serious tool for ambitious students wanting to push their technique farther and expose themselves to world-wide, renowned ballet School Directors and Artistic Directors.


Our students will be presenting a classical variation each, in Indianapolis in March along with a contemporary variation. Thus the reason Ms. Bahr has agreed to come and work with them, an honor since she is often requested. I can’t wait to see what she creates! This is not only about “learning a dance” it is about perfecting a dance. Perfecting ones’ classical ballet training along with showing versatility in our modern age.  Each student will take 2 private lessons a week to polish each variation. YAGP is a testament to Geiger Ballet students, who are commitment to excellence and dedicated to the professional art form….the same mission and vision at Geiger Ballet.


Oh and BOO! Happy Halloween

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