Building A Strong Relationship Together

Your child is very important to us. It is not just “ballet” they are learning. They are learning life skills, such as commitment, discipline and etiquette. Strong relationships lead to better communications. I encourage parents to be vocal about any problems immediately. All matters will be handled in a discreet manner. The more we learn about each other the better off we are in handling future concerns.

In order for us to all have a unified voice and help these young minds and bodies grow we need have communication between the studio and the family. With so many ways to communicate these days let me suggest what works here. We have a website ( )that has class schedules, calendars and upcoming events, and much more. We have our Geiger Ballet Facebook page, that list current events like school closing for weather, parent viewing and some topics of interest that I think might engage the student or parent. Our email ( is for addressing a class issue, payment issue or general question. If there is a serious concern, we always prefer a phone conversation or a pre-arranged appointment… no emails please. Building a trusting relationship is of our utmost concern…and an email is just not appropriate. Too much can be misconstrued or not fully explored. And finally, feel free to leave a note in the office or a request with Kaitlin and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to a happy, long relationship with your family at Geiger Ballet.

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