The Holiday Season

This Holiday Season!

It is a perfect time to get out there and experience “real” live theater. For the young child taking ballet class, which is both mentally and physically difficult, it is so important for them to see the fun, fascinating part that lies ahead of them. The cherry on the sundae! The whole idea of going out, getting dressed up, seeing the beautiful theatre surroundings; the chandeliers in the loge, the front curtain…hearing the orchestra warm-up and then the beautiful front of stage opens up …ahhh it is mesmerizing. It doesn’t matter if it is to see The Rockettes, go to the DSO, attend a musical like Wicked or a ballet such as The Nutcracker.  All is good!

When speaking with parents, ….I equate it to taking golf lessons, but never playing a round of golf. One needs see that the path is a journey with its tangible rewards. Ballet class teaches technique, however attending or performing in a production, teaches performing skills. Both are important for educating a well-rounded dancer.

So, this holiday season make it a family memory that your little dancer won’t forget. Give the gift from which they will grow, learn and find joy….tis the season!

Happy Holidays everyone.

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