The Winter Months Are Upon Us…

The Winter Months are upon us…the holidays are over…so it is not unusual for students to get the “doldrums.” Boredom is not always a result of a child’s lack of interest….sometimes it has nothing to do with the activity but just the cold weather & dark days…that desire to be like a bear and hibernate! Since children don’t really understand this, they say things like they are “not learning anything new” or they now “get” ballet and don’t need further instruction.

So let’s talk about the “anything new” comment. From day one until a student graduates high school, Ballet will be a study of repetition. The human body was not made to be a ballerina. It takes continual practice over and over again, for the movement to look and become natural. A young child in Pre-Ballet,  will enter class and learn the same patterns and sequences so that the energy will not be on remembering the exercises so much, but to learn how to do them better each time. I say to my students…Practice makes permanent, not perfect! Once a  student enters the elementary levels at the age of 8 and up, every class from here on out  is set up the same… from Plies, Tendues, Battement Jetes….all the way to big jumps and Reverence… Pre-Professional to Professional. There is a logic and physical thought behind this. So if a student thinks they are just going to come in and dance around…that really is not the case. First one must build the vocabulary then one can create the story!!

To the second point…no one ever totally “gets” Ballet. Even I, after 50 years in the business…from student, to professional dancer, to educator and choreographer… still find so much to learn, experience and enjoy!

Share with your child the necessity of committing to something beautiful and challenging.  Find pride in the effort and dream. It is a very important value…not just in Ballet but in LIFE.  It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity.

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