Repertory Classes: Why Are they Important?

Over the years as we would hold auditions for our pre-professional ballet company,  the Michigan Classic Ballet, I would watch the students struggle to follow the directions given by the Ballet Mistress.  “Space out evenly”  “Form a diagonal line”, “Run like a dancer upstage”,” Exit stage right….” Change lines” and on and on.  And it occurred to me that in a normal dance class the student is learning the basic vocabulary of ballet, like demi plie and tendu ,however the complete skill of on stage performing.  There was a huge gap that developed as the student grew in ballet training but had limited if nonexistent experience of on stage education. So Geiger Ballet is now offering a Repertory Class on the same day that the student takes their technique class which will focus on all the tools needed to transition from a classroom dancer to stage performer.

We will teach the ideas of performance space, entering and exiting off a stage properly, how to walk and run as a dancer; both in modern and the various forms in classic style (one of the most difficult concepts believe it of not!) and then to put together a phrase or small piece to perform on stage…the final test!

There is a membership fee of $100 for this class because attendance is vital. It is only a half an hour and the group must be cohesive (like corps de ballet) and be present to learn.

We are truly excited about this journey together with making not just dancers but well versed performance artists!

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