Summer 2016

Summer at Geiger Ballet 2016


~Ballet is a year round avocation~

It is vitally important that you seriously consider having your child attend ballet over the 11 weeks of summer!  Just because academic school is over in June, it does not mean ballet is over!! The students who study the full five weeks each summer make great strides. The human body requires constant repetition to achieve mastery.


~Summer ballet is fun and focused~

Summer is an excellent time for increasing the hours a student dances. A child is able to focus more completely on their dance without the demands and additional commitments regular school requires. Plus the warm weather is an added benefit contributing to the elongation of the muscles.


~Progress is made in the summer~

Summer study is necessary when considering promotions come fall. A student who does not attend a minimum of three weeks summer study will most likely have to return to their previous level. This insures that the student has the opportunity to review the previous year’s material and build back proper strength. Ballet study is year round.


Exciting & diverse programs to choose from:


  • 2 weeks Princess Camp for ages 4-7 $125/week

June 20-23 (TinkerBell Theme) and August 16-19 (Frozen Theme)     9:30am-12:00pm

Each day the children will have a ballet class, make crafts associated with the ballet theme, and learn stories of the great ballets. Parents are invited to watch their children in a mini-performance at the end of each week.


  • 2 weeks Extended Program for ages 7 and up $12-$15/class

August 15-26

These classes are held in the late afternoon and evening. They are open to students in Intro to Ballet and up. Classes offered are Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Stretch, Turn and Jump. You may sign up by the individual week.


  • 2 weeks Intensive Camp for ages 8 and up; Level A & B

August 1-5 (Ballet Theme) and August 8-12 (Contemporary Theme)


Attila Mosolygo will guest teach from Grand Rapids Ballet, Ballet A and Mrs. Geiger will teach Level B.

Renee Mueller will teach both levels of Contemporary.

Students will present a showcase for family and friends at the end of each week.


Level A meets M-Friday 10am-4pm            Level B meets M/W/F 10:30-4pm

Level A: 1 week $500, 2 weeks $850          Level B: 1 week $275, 2 weeks $475


The summer intensive is a great opportunity for returning students to stay in “ballet shape” during summer vacation. It is also a perfect time for new students to experience classes at Geiger Ballet.

 Unparalleled mastery begins with a single step!

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