General tips for successful study habits in Ballet and life!!

Whenever possible arrive early to class and stretch independently.  This is your time to use the bathroom and to switch your focus from your daily life and prepare your body and mind for class.

Be on time for class.  Which actually means 10 minutes early!  Punctuality is paramount to your success in Ballet. The best advice for latecomers is to not enter class.  However, if your schools policy is patient with slight tardiness (no more than 5 minutes) you should wait at the doorway until your teacher gives you the go ahead to enter.  If granted permission to enter, say ‘thank-you’ then quickly and silently assume an open position at the barre or center floor, depending on the class format. Be sure to apologize to the teacher after class.

Adhere to dress code in footwear, clothing, and hair.  Above all, appropriately support and cover your body.  Nobody enjoys seeing more than we should of classmates during class time.  Also realize dance clothes are fitted so that alignment and technique may be appropriately assessed and corrected.  Wear deodorant (don’t forget the feet!) and, when possible, come to class freshly showered. Please wear street clothes to and from the building.

Be quiet during class.  Raise your hand if you have a question. The general rule is that any conversation is initiated by the teacher.

Hold your placement throughout the class and allow your body the necessary time to rehearse its best alignment. The proper format of class is to help your body warm up and align in a particular sequence.  Slumping between center floor or the barre exercises will undo much of the progress you make during class time.

In center floor exercises, the combination progressions are prime territory for lost class time.  Pay attention, so you know when to switch lines or when it’s your turn to feed into an across the floor sequence.  Professionally there is zero tolerance for dancers who fail to keep up with this responsibility. Learn now!

Listen and apply every specific and general correction during this class time and every one thereafter.

A correction should only need to be given once, however mastering it may take longer.  Maintaining a corrections journal helps many students organize their long term goals for specific classes.

Always dance port de bras full out, even when marking the rest of the movement.

Acknowledge the instructor following révérence by verbally thanking her/him before you leave the classroom.


Following these basic rules of classroom etiquette will help you maximize your artistic and technical growth faster and more effectively!

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