School Director Mary Geiger is teaching the Saturday adult class. The class will meet from 9:30-10:45am. This is the perfect class for  those who are more experienced who want to learn great ballet technique from a great teacher.

The Saturday class also welcomes alumni: All MCBC alums that have danced or volunteered with the company over the the past 25 years are welcome to attend this intermediate ballet class taught by Mrs. Geiger.


A true beginning ballet class, taught by Melissa Scheck has just opened on Saturdays at  10am.  “Ballet” moms or anyone over 17 years of age are invited to learn the basics of ballet technique, which include the feet positions, arm and upper body work, flexibility and form.


girls talking after class


Our Early Childhood Program (ECP) is designed to provide children between four and seven years of age with a strong foundation in dance and movement, accompanied by a nurturing and positive learning environment that will help establish the knowledge, understanding and love of dance. Read more…



Does your little one dance around the house pretending to be a fairy princess ballerina? Then it is time to send her off to our Princess Camp for 4-7 year olds. Read more…



Geiger Ballet introduces students to ballet’s gift of poise, grace and self discipline. The academy’s curriculum is based on classic traditional European schools such as the Stuttgart, Kirov and Paris Opera Ballet. This education has complementary classes in modern, contemporary and yoga. This offers the chance to explore different styles of movement and techniques. This program is designed so that students advance through the various levels on a progressive scale. Read more…



Geiger Ballet has offered its highly renowned summer intensive ballet program since 1995. We understand the importance of continuing dance education and training during the summer months, thus we make it our mission to provide area students with the opportunity to gain technical and professional instruction from a variety of guest teachers. Geiger Ballet offers three types of summer dance programs, which provide opportunities to all students looking for high quality dance training. Read more…