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Child Intermediate- Advanced Ballet

Geiger Ballet introduces students to ballet’s gift of poise, grace and self discipline. The academy’s curriculum is based on classic traditional European schools such as the Stuttgart, Kirov and Paris Opera Ballet. This education has complementary classes in modern, contemporary and yoga. This offers the chance to explore different styles of movement and techniques. This program is designed so that students advance through the various levels on a progressive scale. Beginning Ballet students  study one time per week. The number of days required increases as the child moves to higher levels.  The cost is determined by the number of hours of study at the various levels.  Payment is made in 4 installments over the 37 week school year. Prices vary according to level and class placement.

Child Intermediate

Building from Intro we overlay the strength building, turn out required and the theory of the working leg verses the supporting leg. Flow and grace are further explored along with the quality of movement. Requirement: 2 ballet classes per week (elective highly suggested)


Now that the body has a basic understanding of the classical line, exercises are introduced involving the gradual lifting of the legs to a high 90 degrees. More complicated jumps are learned along with mastery of turning. A student at this level is now training the body seriously and with steadfast commitment. In order to succeed at classical ballet one needs to repeat the technique over and over so that it becomes seamless and effortless. Pointe work is now added to their study. Where once the “balance line” was lifted from the ball of the foot (metatarsal arch) the student must transfer the line up to the toes. Speed is increased overall and the patterning of steps is increased in difficulty. Also we incorporate different dance classes such as contemporary and yoga. This gives the body a new vocabulary based on a strong ballet foundation. Requirement: 3 ballet classes per week + pointe (if appropriate) +one elective


Pointe work is now an everyday habit. The student is learning all the layers that make for a successful ballet dancer: musicality, artistry, quality and of course a continuation of mastering the classical technique. Requirement: 3 ballet classes per week + 2 pointe + 2 electives)


Sen. Contemporary Repertoire (Inter and up w/pointe)
Junior Contemporary Repertory (Child Int and up)
Child intermediate Repetory
Jump (Child Inter and up)
Turn (Inter and up)
Open Ballet ( Child inter and up)
Strength and Conditioning




This program is for those who are unable to commit to all of the required Professional Track classes. It allows the student to participate in the appropriate ballet classes without having to take any electives.


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